Walk-A-Cow 地心吸力牛

【Project 12 Zodiac 6/12— Year of the OX 2021 】
謝謝大家嘅支持,呢個project 已經嚟到第6年!以下係完整教學 😀
Thanks for all your support, this project is in its 6th year! Here is the steps of making Walk-A-Cow, let’s get started!

DIY Kit 入面有:
Inside the DIY Kit:
1/ 木板 x3
2/ 螺絲組 x5
3/ 牛形地毯 x1
4/ 砂紙 x1
5/ 繩 x1
1/ Wooden board x3
2/ Screw set x5
3/ Felt carpet in cow shape x1
4/ Sand paper x1
5/ Rope x1

1/ 剪刀
2/ 釘書機
3/ 白膠漿/ 木工膠水
1/ Scissors
2/ Stapler
3/ Glue/ Wood glue

1/ 取出各個木零件。
Take out all the wooden parts.

2/ 先取出以上零件和螺絲。
Take out the above parts and screws.

3/ 如上圖的前後次序排列木零件。
Arrange the parts in the above order.

4/ 取出1號螺絲。
Take out screw set no.1.

5/ 在上圖的圓洞位置裝上螺絲。
Insert the screw in the above location.

6/ 反轉到背面,扭上六角絲帽,用圖右的工具扭緊。
Turn to the back, tighten the hex nut with the tool shown on the right pic.

7/ 完成圖如上。
Completed as above.

8/ 取出以上零件,按高度排列。
Take out the above parts, arrange according to their size.

9/ 如上圖的次序,把零件安裝到牛身上。
Insert the parts into the body in the order shown above.

10/ 完成圖如上。
Finished as above.

11/ 取出以上的零件。
Take out the above parts.

12/ 按以上次序排列。
Arrange them in the above order.

13/ 在1號零件內塗上膠水,把2號零件嵌入。
Apply glue into the gap on parts #1, insert parts #2.

14/ 完成圖如上,待膠水乾透。
Complete the 4 legs as above, let the glue dry.

15/ 膠水乾透後,以砂紙打磨弧形的底部至順滑。
After the glue is dry, sand the curvy bottom with sand paper until it is smooth.

16/ 取出牛形地毯,拉開兩邊可以見到兩個小開口位。
Take out the felt, pull lightly and you will see two small openings.

17/ 如上圖,把B的邊緣搭到A開口位上,形成一個褶位。
A shown above, overlap edge B onto line A ( the small opening), forming a dart.

19/ 用釘書機釘住褶位。
Secure the dart with a stapler.

20/ 完成圖如上。
Completed as above.

21/ 取出以上半完成的零件。
Take out the above semi-finished parts.

22/ 如上圖,反轉地毯,放上牛身。
Turn the carpet up-side down, put the cow main body on top.

23/ 放上雙腳放置到上圖的位置,注意兩腳合上後呈圓形,不要反轉。
Insert 2 feet into the above position, pay attention that the shape of the combined 2 feet should be in circle shape.

24/ 以2號螺絲穿過地毯、牛身和兩隻腳。
Insert screw no.2, pass through the hole on carpet, main cow body and the 2 feet.

25/ 反轉到另一邊,扭上六角絲帽。
Flip to the other side, tighten the hex nut with the tool.

26/ 在牛頭裝上3號螺絲。
Insert screw no.3 onto the head.

27/ 在頭頂裝上牛角。
Insert horn on top of the head.

28/ 完成圖如上。
Completed as above.

29/ 取出以上零件。
Take out the above parts.

30/ 如上圖組裝小木盒,並綁上繩子。
Assemble the small box as above, tie it with the rope.

31/ 繩子的另一端綁上牛身。
Tie the other end of rope onto the cow body.

32/ 完成! 在小木盒放入約10g重的東西,即是大約 [5毫子x1 + 2毫子x2] 或 [2毫子x4]。
DONE!!! Put around 10g of weight into the small box, thats about [5 cents x1 + 2 cents x2] or [2 cents x4].

*重要* 注意事項:
1/ 讓Walk-A-Cow 行走的表面不能太滑,如雲石、玻璃、光滑的木面也不適合牛牛行走。
2/ 小木盒和牛牛要拉成一直線,如打斜線行走的話,牛牛很容易會跌倒。
3/ 小木盒的重量是牛牛行走的關鍵,太輕會走不了,太重會跌倒,所以需按不同表面調整木盒的重量。
1/ Walk-A-Cow could not walk on slippery/ very smooth surface, e.g. marble, glass and glossy wood table are not suitable.
2/ Walk-A-Cow should walk in straight line, otherwise it will fall easily.
3/ The weight of wood box is the key for smooth cow walking, adjust the weight if cow cannot walk or easily fall. Different surface will affect the amount of coins needed.

祝大家牛年 身體健康 壯健如牛!
Happy Year Of Ox!

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